Fish & Seafood

The Mar Ligure: boundless wealth.

In Liguria, the sea never ends.

In Liguria, the sea never ends. Not the sea of the beaches, not the sea of summer - the real sea. A generous sea, which for time immemorial has beckoned us, has nourished us, has been the lifeblood of trade. It is home, it is work, it is bread, it is life.

Liguria, as we know, sits between sea and mountains, where the altitude changes suddenly and unpredictably. It is a gentle arch that the boot curled who know how many millions of years ago. It is a stunning natural harbour and a very old trade port. But, first and foremost, it is a resource, a boundless wealth.

Learn from the sea

And we love our sea, we respect it, we fear it and of course, we have learnt to appreciate it.

From Ponente in the west to Levante in the east, it is populated with such a wide variety of offerings that only the imagination of man could enrich it. So, after years of fishing and of experimenting with culinary delights, you could fill a recipe book just with dishes based on anchovies - for us the “bread of the sea” - salted, with green sauce, stuffed, marinated, fried.

Take mussel farming - we learnt this craft from the ancient Romans first of all, and then from the Medieval monks. Now we have an excellence in the sea of La Spezia that, being full of plankton is the perfect spot for mussels. Or what we call cozze. Or just Mussels with a capital M.

Let your senses guide you.

In every fishing village - from Camogli to Noli - you'll find something special, different, an original interpretation that people have given to what the sea offers: the fried, whole curled picarel, the traditional Musciàmme - filleted, salt-cured tuna.

Then there is the legend of the Cappon Magro, born at sea on the boats, appreciated by the nobility, made at Christmas. Ingredients: white fish, vegetables and baroque fantasy. This is our sea, this is our wealth.