Agro Food

Nature loves differences.

Touring agro-food

First the simple things, the basics. Water, milk, meat, oil: like all magic, it’s the ingredients that make the difference. Don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you that any braid of garlic will do, that water is water.

Take our agro-food tours to scent out the garlic of Vessalico, to discover the artichokes of Perinaldo, the Taggiasche olives, the peaches from Valleggia, the Millesimo truffles. We can’t claim they’re the best products of all. But we can say that they’re ours and that – for a whole multitude of reasons – we are proud of them.

Agro-food - the routes you'll find in the App

From the Roia valley to the Diano valleys

In the lands of oil, where the sun and the passions for farming live.

The Arroscia valley and the valleys of Albenga

Amidst the silvery mantles of olives and the pale pink, where you can find fine oil and magnificent peaches.

Valleys of the Savona area and Val Bormida

A route marked by the woods, coloured by the citrus fruits, enhanced by the scents of nature.

The hinterland of the Genoese Ponente

the valleys of milk, meat and genuine flavours.

From Val Trebbia to Val Fontanabuona.

Amongst the pastures and the woods, where beef and rustic potatoes taste truly genuine.

The lands of the Gulf of Tigullio

The extra-virgin oil of the Riviera di Levante and the meat of the Cabannina cow.

From Val di Vara to Val di Magra

A journey to discover the fruits of the sun

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