Art & History

Culture always leaves its mark.

Touring Art and History.

History talks to you. It always has a narrative, even if you don’t listen to it. It talks to you through the roads, the walls, the atmospheres. Art too talks to you, and perhaps its voice is stronger.

Setting off Beyond the Riviera means travelling on a journey through styles, inspirations and arts. Liguria is a wealth of picturesque villages, old town centres, places of worship and roads that are true outdoor museums. These works are the heritage of everyone, and it’s our job to help you discover them, enable you to make the most of them. You cannot buy anything you find in these directions because it is all, simply inestimable.

Art and History - the routes you'll find in the App

From Balzi Rossi to the valleys of Imperia

History that inspires and seduces at first sight.

Valleys of Imperia and Albenga

Medieval atmospheres and new creative expressions.

In the Savona hinterland

From the old sacred artworks through to the more modern styles.

In the valleys of the Genoese area

The value of work and of faith in the historical and artistic testimonies.

In the Genoese Apennines

Lands that never forget the past and write new chapters in history.

In the valleys of Tigullio

Precious history preserved by solitary abbeys and museums.

In the valleys of La Spezia and Cinque Terre

From prehistoric finds to contemporary art collections.

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