Olive growing

Our oil - liquid gold.

A treasure going back two thousand years.

Olive and Oil: silver on the hillsides, gold on the plates. When all is calm, the hills are a dark green, but as soon a breeze blows up, a sea of lanceolate leaves stir, they flash in the sun, they respond to the blue of the Mediterranean.

We have been cultivating our lands for two thousand years. In the period of two thousand years, we have shaped the land with utmost respect, turning the hillsides into flat terraces, the faint trails into a wonderful sequence of drywalls. We're talking about millions of cubic metres of earth and stone.

An inestimable wealth

Days, seasons, centuries of work to plant olive groves in Liguria. This is a truly inestimable wealth, an inheritance that still continues to bear fruit. In every sense.

Here we have selected the best olive species, the best olives, the best oils. So, we have cultivated plants, and at the same time know-how - in harvesting, in processing, in marketing - which is ours alone and which only we can offer.

There is a name used in defence and recognition of this identity: Riviera Ligure, an extra-virgin olive oil that has been marked with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label since 1997. A PDO that, just like our land, has different hearts which can be identified in three geographic zones: Riviera dei Fiori, where the oils are smooth and alluring; Riviera del Ponente Savonese, which produces a slightly fruity, fine and complex oil; Riviera di Levante, with delicate, fruity, pungent oils that have a slightly spicy kick.

A precious treasure.

Our oil - and only ours - is the basic ingredient that distinguishes traditional Ligurian dishes. The first thing that goes into the pan, the last that is poured over the final dish. From focaccia to chickpea farinata, from pesto to fish-based cappon magro - oil is the most precious treasure. A treasure that we love to share with you.

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