Wine production

Ligurian wines: passion runs deep.

Our tenacity has borne fruit.

Grapevines dominate our hills: if you turn your back to the sea, you'll see strips of land stolen from the mountains. Hectares of terraces and kilometres of dry walls that shape the territory - stone by stone. A gigantic undertaking against gravity, conquered through time, dedication and love.

Love of course, because there is no machinery to help Ligurian farmers do what they do, where they still use the same, traditional methods as two thousand years ago. Here in Liguria only the touch and stubbornness of man can reach and tend to certain vineyards. Do you have any idea how much a single bunch of grapes is worth to us?

Value to quality

On your discovery tour, you'll find out about the physical features of our landscape - whose hillsides are as harsh as our climate is mild - and how they are added drop by drop to the wines we make.

When discussing the human soul, the Latin term "in vino veritas" was used, and perhaps this also applies to the terroir from which the wine issues forth. Here making wine means effort: this is why our wine makers favour quality over quantity, and increasingly they strive to add value to these bottles, not just a price.

We all know that wine is clearly tied to the land, to history and to culture. So it's no surprise to learn that Petrarch appreciated the production of the Cinque Terre and that the Rossese di Dolceacqua - the first Ligurian wine to earn Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC - Registered designation of origin) in 1972 - comforted Napoleon Bonaparte during his Italian campaign.

One last tip?

After popping the cork on a bottle of Ormeasco from Pornassio, of Bianchetta Genovese or of Vermentino from Colli di Luni, from Portofino or from the western Riviera Ligure, pour it into the right glass, close your eyes and put the rest of your senses to work. When you take your first sip you'll taste the flavour spreading through, you'll appreciate all the different nuances and the bouquet. But when you take your second sip, you'll realise that what you are drinking is an indissoluble tie to the territory, a fruit that requires exceptional tenacity to create products that are definitely out of the ordinary.

wines of Denominazione di Origine Controllata (Registered designation of origin)

Wines with Indicazione Geografica Tipica (Italian recognition of quality attributed to wines characterised by their geographic location)

Gradients the vines grow on