Know-how in their hands.

Touring Handicrafts

Little shops, “scagni” (studios), workshops: you never know where handcrafts can turn into actual Art. Follow these tours to appreciate the variety of Ligurian ingenuity in all its forms. From the Briar pipe of Badalucco to the slate craftwork; from wrought iron to master glass making in Altare. Beyond the Riviera, where superb artisans operate, where ancient crafts like filigree work, and damask production reign.

For example, do you know what Risseau is? It’s a patterned mosaic using river stones and pebbles. Another way of water meeting land.

Handicrafts - the routes you'll find in the App

From Bordighera to Villa Faraldi

Perfumes, creative flair and sensations on the skin.

In the Arroscia valley and the valleys of Albenga.

Giving form to iron and tree branches from the Ligurian Alps.

In the heart of the Savona valleys

A thousand-year history and appointments with local flavours and art.

Stura valley and valleys of the Genoese area

Gold and silver thread.

The Fontanabuona and the Genoese Apennines

The value of handicrafts in all the details.

The Tigullio hinterland

Handicrafts tied to traditions.

Da Deiva Marina a Ortonovo

Where earth and metal take unexpected forms.

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