Wonders of Nature

Man and nature, room for wonders

Touring the Wonders of Nature

Plant patriarchs with centuries of life in their trunks, bizarre works of geology hidden inside damp caves, high altitude orchids. And waterfalls, eagles, huge beech groves, snow-tipped mountains and steep cliff sides. Beyond the Riviera – truly wonderful, literally wonderful.

As you venture across our territory you’ll see seascapes turn into mountain landscapes in a handful of kilometres, blue that gradually turns green. Shrug off all your assurances, venture into your journey with a new spirit.

The stage is millions of years old, the show is guaranteed and nature sets the scene.

All that’s missing are your eyes.

Wonders of Nature - the routes you'll find in the App

On a discovery tour of the Ligurian Alps

Nature puts on a show.

The valleys from Imperia to Albenga

From the mantles on the hills to the ski slopes.

In the woods and valleys of the Savona area

Endless woods, centuries-old beech groves, bizarre geological works.

In the hills of the Genoese area

Mountain peaks that reach up to the sky.

On a discovery tour of the Ligurian Alps

Meadows, rocks and crystal clear watersv

Prati, rocce e acque cristalline.

Amongst the peaks of Tigullio

Forests and pastures, in a landscape that is almost alpine.

Val di Vara, Cinque Terre, val di Magra.

Holly and vineyards, velvety green hillsides, a solitary river, mountains looking over the sea.

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